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Once upon a time I had no computer.  I enjoyed writing poems and had even attended a one week writing seminar -  but I only had a manual typewriter.

I kept looking at computers for years, but I never purchased one.  The word was that prices would be coming down.  The prices never came down and so I decided one day I would purchase a computer.  In the meantime, I would manually type my “diary” on my manual typewriter.  So in March of 1996, I started to type up my diary.

But working on my diary helped to speed up the decision to get a computer.   During that same month I went out and purchased a computer desk and had it put together in my “computer” room.  Then on the first weekend of April of 1996, my best friend took me to purchase my first computer.

Since I was only interested in “serious writing”....I didn’t want to spend the money for a color printer.  I had heard that black and white laser printers were what to buy for the workforce.  But when I suggested this to the computer tech support gentleman at my job, he didn’t think that was a good thing.  “Don’t you think you might want a color printer?  You might want to do a few cards.”

So I did what he suggested.

May 4, 1996
I felt like I shouldn’t type on my diary so I found out my printer had a print shop thing you could install.  I have had a lot of fun trying to design cards.

I quickly got tired of using the designs of other people.  So I purchased some type of card program and tried to draw a bit.  (I always knew I couldn’t draw.) Then I did a few cards combining several programs.  I quickly got tired of even this.  Anything I attempted to draw had a black outline.  Flowers had a black outline.  The moon had a black outline.   Everything I did at this point was original, but I couldn’t draw and I didn’t like the black outline.

I later purchased a different program which allowed me to do some painting/drawing and I resumed trying to do cards.


Moreover as for me, God forbid that I
should sin against the LORD in
ceasing to pray for you.  I Samuel 12:23

June 27, 1996
I had a good time reflecting on the glory of God and what it could mean. 

Then I came home from work and worked until 6:00 on my computer on trying to figure out why this morning my new card software was having trouble with colors printing out in black.  (I skipped praying this morning at home to do a short sample on a card and that is when my trouble started.)

But I got the matter resolved and continued doing cards.

By September of 1996, I had submitted a few card ideas to a card company.  I was turned down.  Eventually I gave up doing cards.  I was spending too much money and I couldn’t really draw.

In December of 1996, I asked a friend if I could have some extra copies of some photographs she took at a party.  She gave me the negatives and I got the photos developed.  After I purchased the photos I saw a small paint program.  It cost about $10.00.  Then I was back to “drawing” again.  This time I was doing cards to occupy my time and to encourage myself.

About a week before my birthday in ‘97, I bought myself a small Wacom writing tablet.  It took me a week before I opened it up.  (Though I wanted the Wacom, I was having trouble justifying the expense for a “fun” thing.)

May you 
the peace 
of daily casting 
your cares upon God.

Later on in ‘97, I found myself at an office supply store admiring the 65 and 110 pound weight card stock.  I just knew my printer couldn’t print cards out on that weight of paper.  (I so much wanted my cards to look better than what I had been doing:  printing cards as either a side fold or a top fold.)  A salesman saw me and asked if he could help me.  He told me my printer would do fine on card stock.  So I started using 65 pound weight paper and purchased a small paper cutter.

I then started complaining about trying to draw.  “I ought to get a scanner,” I told one co-worker.  “I can take pictures better than I can draw.”

“Most people can,” she replied.

Then during spring break of ‘98, I purchased my photo scanner and started scanning photos I had taken in previous years.  (During the year of 1996, I had taken one roll of film and never had it developed.)

When your heart and spirit are numb,
God isn't oblivious to your circumstances.

Let us therefore come boldly
unto the throne of grace, that
we may obtain mercy, and find
grace to help in time of need.
              Hebrews 4:16

It didn’t take me too long to quickly grow tired of scanning in old pictures and I found myself photographing again.  However, I then began to have troubles.  My printer didn’t print light colors well and many of my photos had to have good quality color.

In October of 1998, I photographed a really pretty morning glory and in order for it to print as it should, I had to use glossy paper - best quality.

When I took a vacation day the first Friday in November of 1998, I intended to purchase a laminater, but I ended up getting a new printer because my first printer broke.

After my ordeal in installing my new printer, I cried.  The quality of printed out photos on plain 65 pound weight card stock on normal setting was the same as best quality on glossy paper on my old printer and the light colors looked great with my new printer!

May the grace
and glory of God
be real in your 
life today.

During spring break of 1999, it didn’t take my brother too long to convince me to buy at least another lens for my camera.  I was using a camera I had purchased in 1973.

My new lens was an used zoom lens and before spring break was over, I also purchased a new camera with a standard lens.  (I had determined I was going to gradually ease my way into buying a new camera system.)  By the middle of June I had discovered my old camera had a light leak and so I was off buying new lenses.

After the purchase of the new camera system, I had one goal - learn as much as I could during the summer and fall about photography and then devote the winter months in doing cards. 

After my decision to learn more about photography, a wonderful man started teaching portrait photo classes where I worked.  I enrolled into his class in September of 1999.

He showed me how to use a tripod.  This opened up a whole new world for me.  I began to take still life pictures.

Then God brought into my life some wonderful caring photographers who were willing to
spend time with a nobody.

Through all these years God has continued to guide and lead me on my journey of photography and cards.

Through my cards and photography I only wish to show that God is good, 
faithful, true, trustworthy, merciful and kind.  And basically....only God knows 
how truly He is the Great I AM.

I pray that in telling my short story you have been encouraged with 
the knowledge that God does lead in His paths.

I, also, do not know what you are going through at this particular time.  
However,  I do know that in the end you will be glad that you had put 
your trust in the Lord for the salvation of your soul.

I’ve tasted of Your glory, God;
I’ve seen that You are good;
I’ve witnessed tiny miracles;
I’ve known Your saving grace.

And though I’m not as Jacob,
wrestling with You in the night,
my spirit knows that You’re the prize
for the ones I know.

So, I’ll cling to You by Your verses
and my cry to You shall be,
“I cannot let You go, my God,
for the ones I know need You.”
                         M. Robbins

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You can never, never, exhaust
the care of the one who is your

And the hope 
we have in Christ
will last
all eternity.


So why can’t you trust His goodness,
rest in His mercy, and rely
upon His truth?

You may draw 
is always 

Many are the days
that we do not
God's ways.
But a part of 
faith is knowing
we'll have an eternity
to enjoy the fulfillment
of His promises.


God hears the words you
cannot say.  Day by day
He asks you to trust 
His ways.

Today may your
confidence rest in
the Lord, Himself,
and may you trust
Him to do His will
with your prayers.

When you 
His ways,
trust His

May you always put 
your hope and trust
in the Lord's
enduring Word.



the love
and care
of God.

the heart
of God.